RFID Blocking and protection card


RFID blocking communication to avoid copying of, for example, bank / credit cards, passports and bus cards. The card is the same size as a regular credit card and fits all wallets. The range is approximately 50 cm, which means that the card interferes with all equipment regardless of where the card is in the wallet. It is recommended that the RFID blocking and protection card is outermost in the direction of reading. The lifetime is around 5 years from the date you start to use the card.

  • Protects your bank and credit cards against wireless skimming.
  • Super thin and looks just like a regular bank card.
  • Fits all wallets, mobile phone cases etc.
  • Does not affect mobile phone, magnetic stripe or chip on other cards.
  • Address to us, on the back of the card. If you lose your wallet then we have the address if someone find your wallet