The Solution

Bespoke payment solutions for each goal

State Of Cards offers two immediately operational standard payment cards programmes for professionals and individuals. Our Platform (a Platform as a Service) offers the distribution and activation of various financial products such as plastic or virtual rechargeable payment cards and, uppon request, any support integrating contactless chips (connected wristbands, keychains and mobiles. Prepaid cards are same cards than traditional payment cards. They are widely accepted for online purchases as well as any type of merchants or brands with closed or open loop systems.

Consumer programme for consumer users

  • No overdraft possible
  • No bank, no bank details sharing. This is an additional security layer for online or abroad purchases
  • In case of loss or theft, remote blocking is done instantly
  • Budget control is facilitated by our customised online services
  • Balance checking in real time

Business, for professional users

  • Total and instantaneous control of professional expenses
  • A real-time follow-up of each expense
  • Multi-criteria setting of cards
  • White label programmes
  • Instant recharge, to the second
  • Contactless payment

  • Useable on the entire Mastercard network®

  • Nominal card

  • Customisable 4th line

  • Worldwide withdrawals

  • 26 currencies

  • White labelled