State Of Cards™ is owned by Standard Finance and offers a one-stop-shop for the entire digital payment solution. Our team brings a unique combination of technology, economics, and market expertise to make the State of Cards™ a solid, flexible and overall easy-to-use product for all your financial needs. Standard Finance offers a complete suite of global cutting-edge digital payment solutions, based on its world-class, bank-grade, highly-configurable payments platform tailored to customers local preferences and location-based rules. It can build, operate and manage both off-the-shelf and through highly personalized solutions. Standard Finance and State of cards™ are focused on delighting its customers by offering the “best fit” as in an inventive solution that makes payments simple, fast and secure.

Welcome to apply and take part in the State of Cards™ experience today!

What is State Of Cards?

State of cards™ offers prepaid cards for individuals for many types of use. Perhaps you are looking for a card while traveling abroad that isn’t connected to your bank to avoid skimming? No matter your goal, State of cards™ is the solution for you! Our State of Cards™ card can be used immediately after activation to make purchases or withdrawals in ATMs worldwide. Our cards are an ideal solution for those who cannot, or choose not, to have a traditional bank account, or those wanting to control and budget their spending. This is because prepaid cards only allow you to spend the money loaded onto the card and they are not linked to a current account. We hope to promote financial flexibility for everyone, as there’s no need for a consumer to undergo a credit check to apply for a State of Cards™ prepaid card!