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State Of Cards™ is owned by Standard Finance and offers a one-stop-shop for the entire digital payment solution. Our team brings a unique combination of technology, economics, and market expertise to make the State of Cards™ a solid, flexible and overall easy-to-use product for all your financial needs. Standard Finance offers a complete suite of global cutting-edge digital payment solutions, based on its world-class, bank-grade, highly-configurable payments platform tailored to customers local preferences and location-based rules. It can build, operate and manage both off-the-shelf and through highly personalized solutions. Standard Finance and State of cards™ are focused on delighting its customers by offering the “best fit” as in an inventive solution that makes payments simple, fast and secure.

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The State Of Cards history

The idea with prepaid cards started as early as 2013, and was just a concept where the market and need were investigated. During the period we also examined how we would find financing


Next Step

Now the business is started up and we raise equity from family & friends. Most of the work is done without compensation. Our investment goes to the fixed costs we have.


Our first emission

We went out wider within a family and the circle of friends and got 180.000 EUR, to continue developing our business idea. Everything is painfully slow when we have jobs on the side


Shit Happens

Our largest supplier lost its license and we were unable to continue. We lost including the fixed costs and work of about 80.000 EUR, and we wondered if it was worth continuing the business.

Q1 2017

Yes, we believe

Several competitors from England and Germany have got their cards up and showing that the need is BIG. So we made a fresh start and raised about EUR 200,000 in new capital. Thanks to all shareholders



By the end of 2018, it became clear with all such as customer back office, partner banks and system supplier



All agreements with different suppliers are now written and completed, and work on implementation has begun. And is finished December 2019



Our card design and manufacture of the cards, and customization of the card supplier. Test of our State Of Cards for ATM purchases and withdrawals



State Of Cards market launch


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